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OKR Performance Management for
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OKR Performance Management for
Growth Companies

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 About G.Share  About G.Share

G. Share is a performance management SaaS that enables you to go through goal management, task management,
and evaluation management all at once. Does your organization have the following problems?

Goal Management Problems

-The goal is not shared, the work is segmented too much, the organization has no sense of unity
-The number of personnel has increased abruptly and the goal management has not been completed
-The target is ambiguous and can not be dropped down to the task level
-Communication about goals with young people is not well done

Task Management Problems

- Even though the environment is changing, goals and tasks remain intact
- Dropped down to task level, but progress management has not done. It occuers due time limit
- There is insufficient communication between manager and subordinates
- Work content of individuals is not disclosed, teamwork and collaboration are not fostered

Evaluation Management Problems

- Evaluation interview has become nominal, the evaluation interview is not leading to personal growth
- Evaluation tends to be qualitative not quantitative, evaluation by the evaluator is also all different

 Product   Product

We will solve these problems! Let's proceed business like agile development

◯ Goal management
◯ Task Management
◯ Goal Share and Discussion
◯ Real-time Feedback, 1 on 1 Meeting
◯ Visualization of data
◯ Secure and easy access anytime, always accessible

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