Glossary General

“CHRO” is the abbreviation for “Chief Human Resource

Competency is the behavioral characteristic common to employees who ar

When a person wants something, the positive emotion that occurs when t

Strategic human resources management is a way of thinking that aims at

HRM (human resource management) is a method for comprehensively managi

Middle manager refers to the middle management such as the director an

Human resource evaluation is to evaluate individual capabilities and a

Talent management refers to managing processes such as employee recrui

“Will can must” is one way of thinking of human resource d

1on1 Meeting is a meeting that a boss and a subordinate perform with o

Coaching is a type of human resources development method. Through two-

Feedback in the personnel evaluation is to evaluate the results of tha

Teaching is “giving answers and instructions to others.” I

OKR stands for “Objective and Key Result,” clarifying the

MBO is an abbreviation for “Management By Objectives” and

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