Glossary HR-Organization

“CHRO” is the abbreviation for “Chief Human Resource

Competency is the behavioral characteristic common to employees who ar

Strategic human resources management is a way of thinking that aims at

HRM (human resource management) is a method for comprehensively managi

Middle manager refers to the middle management such as the director an

Human resource evaluation is to evaluate individual capabilities and a

Talent management refers to managing processes such as employee recrui

“Will can must” is one way of thinking of human resource d

Engagement is a term that refers to relationships and affections that

Personnel evaluation is to evaluate the degree of contribution by the

HR Tech is an abbreviation for Human Resource Technology, a method of

(日本語) 少ない抜粋

Team building is that each team member participates in mutual interact

Empowerment is the force required for reform and development given to

If we explain the “followership briefly,” it will be ̶

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